Youth & Family Services of HK announces two High School Influencers

Orion Inkel is a 17 year old Senior from Haddam. He is a dedicated three season athlete. Orion began playing youth football when he was 6 years old. Currently, he plays line backer and running back on the HKHS Football team. While football has always been his passion he joined the indoor and outdoor track teams in high school and has been very successful in the triple jump and long jump. Orion plans on continuing to play football at the next  level after graduation this spring and is considering majoring in Construction Management. In his free time Orion enjoys spending time with his friends and working. Orion has enjoyed getting involved with HKYFS and the Prevention Partnership where he has taken on a leadership role.


Samantha Pach is a well rounded 16 year old Junior at Haddam Killingworth High School.  She is a part of a multitude of clubs including Disability Advocacy, Ignite, Student Council, School Spirit, Newspaper, Drama, and Spanish Honor Society. Samantha spends her free time singing, performing musical theatre, playing field hockey on her school team, and lifeguarding at her community pool.  She also enjoys writing for her school’s newspaper as that is something she aspires to do with her future.  Samantha spent her last summer teaching children ages 4+ how to swim at a local YMCA camp in Portland, CT.  She is looking forward to working there again next summer and furthering her leadership skills.  Samantha hopes to broaden her expertise into the human mind and human services as she moves towards pursuing a career in clinical or criminal psychology. She is excited to work moving forward as an influencer for HK Youth and Family Services.