Supporting Haddam and Killingworth

Providing opportunities for everyone to collaborate on bettering our community.

Programs that bring us together to better the community.

These programs and workshops offer ways for us all to collaborate and understand how to meet challenges faced in our community. These efforts build community and contribute to bettering everyone’s quality of life, as we share insights and experiences, learn how to deal with issues, and help each other develop new solutions.

The Haddam-Killingworth Coalition

Collaboratively Meeting Community Challenges

The HK Community Coalition meets to share insights into everyday issues and challenges facing the community and to collaboratively develop plans, policies, and strategies to meet those challenges. Issues addressed include alcohol and drug abuse, vaping and marijuana use, and mental health needs and concerns.

The group includes parents and young people, as well as representatives from businesses, the media, law enforcement, schools, faith organizations, health providers, youth-focused agencies, and town leadership. We welcome all residents willing to help build and better our community.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Workgroup

Continuing the Conversation

After a one-time “Understanding Implicit Bias” workshop came to the community, people expressed interest in having quarterly ongoing events. We subsequently co-facilitated a small workgroup of women, referred by RSD17, who want to continue the conversation about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues that impact our youth.

Workgroup participants are very interested in bringing the discussion and programs to the larger community.