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Region 17 Schools Notice

Over the past year, the Region 17 Board of Education has been working to launch a long-range planning process for the district that will result in a focused and aligned community vision of student success beyond school. The first step in that process is to build a consensus regarding the critical skills and dispositions we believe are most essential to future student accomplishment and to then use them to guide our planning and decision making.

To involve as many constituents as possible in this process, we would like to invite you to contribute your thoughts to a community conversation on this topic. Using a platform called Thoughtexchange, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, then read those of other participants, and then to assign “stars” (from a low of 1 to a high of 5) to show how important each idea is to you. Finally, you will also have a chance to discover the top-rated thoughts in the conversation and visit the site often and add more comments throughout the process. A representative team that the Board has convened will use the results of this Thoughtexchange to inform and refine how the district’s foundational documents define its working model of student success.

Notes about this process:

  1. It could take you as little as 5–10 minutes to participate.
  2. You can complete questions at your own pace and come back to review your answers at any time.

If you know someone else who would like to participate, you can forward this invitation.

Please click HERE to participate.

We hope that you will contribute to this interactive experience to help us ensure that we are reflecting the values and aspirations of our entire community while providing outstanding learning opportunities for our students. Thank you for taking the time to share what is important to you. This platform will remain open until December 3, 2020.


Dr. Holly Hageman