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Parents and Tots Program

Mama’s Group

A support group for Mom’s and families This is a group where we will focus on Mom’s and their families. Discussions on:
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Trying to make better choices for your family
  • Liking yourself and your choices
  • Raising kids
  • The pressures and joys of Motherhood
  • Thinking green
All Parents welcome, single, divorced, stay at home. Moms with children:
  • From pregnancy to fully grown children
  • Moms with children in public school, private school and home school
  • Children are welcome
Where: Youth & Family Services of Haddam-Killingworth, Inc.
91 Little City Road, Higganum, CT

Please call 345-7498 to register!

Come meet other parents and children!

Group activates are built around literature, crafts, and games. Activities are aimed at children ages 2-4.

Creative minds at work

Program fee is $20.00 for a ten week session. Sessions are held at the Killingworth Library.

Confidential scholarships available! Contact Cheryl Chandler

Call 345-7498 for a current schedule and to register.

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